want to get back to israel?

If you have already gone to Israel, and want to go back, these are some programs that you may be interested in!

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Masa Israel Journey is a leader in immersive Israel experiences for young adults ages 18-30. They offer a wide variety of 2-12 month study abroad, career development, volunteer, teaching fellowshing and graduate degree programs. They even have grants and need-based scholarships to make your dream Israel experience a reality.

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onward israel

What Is Onward Israel? 

Onward Israel provides 6-10 week internships in Israel, providing you the opportunity to grow both professionally and personally. Each program is highly subsidized and features a wide variety of placements at leading companies and the opportunity to create your own program. You’ll connect with a winning network of like-minded peers, creating bonds that will last long after your Onward program.

Who Is Onward Israel For?

Onward Israel is designed as a second peer experience in Israel and a Birthright follow-up program. It is intended for Jewish undergraduates and young professionals between the ages of 19-27, who have previously participated in a peer program in Israel. Ideal participants are:

  • Birthright Israel alumni who have not yet returned to Israel on a peer program;


  • Teen travel programs alumni (who are ineligible for Birthright because of their teen travel participation), unless they have:

    • returned to Israel on a MASA program

    • spent more than three months total in Israel after their teen program

Where can I learn more?

Finding the right program for you is important. Feel free to contacts us at info@pdxhillel.org or go to the Onward Israel website here to learn more about the different internships they offer. 

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jewish national fund

Since their founding in 1901, their single driving focus has been to ensure a strong, secure and prosperous Israel for the Jewish people everywhere. With their partners, they re-established the ancestral Jewish homeland in modern Israel. They planted more than a quarter-billion trees in what was once a barren desert. And they helped build hundreds of vibrant, bustling, life-affirming communities throughout Israel - including the modern metropolis of Tel Aviv. Today, their passion, commitment and vision for the future of Israel and the Jewish people remain clear and unwavering.   
Inspired by the legacy of Theodor Herzl and guided by an ambitious strategic roadmap for the next decade, we see a bright, beautiful future for the land and people of Israel. They offer missions, tours, day trips, travel experiences for students, niche programs for young adults, and so much more!


Hillel Next

Hillel Next offers students the opportunity to continue their Israel journey after college. Graduating seniors and recent Hillel graduates can choose between five and 10 month programs, including teaching fellowships and industry-specific internships. For more information, contact Paula Harlan.


The hasbara fellowship

Experience an exclusive 16-day trip to Israel to enhance your pro-Israel knowledge, and learn how to have a strategic impact on your campus.

Join over 3,000 students from more than 250 campuses who have benefited from the information, tools and confidence of learning about Israel in a hands-on way. Hasbara Fellows have become strategic thinkers, organizational leaders and innovate advocates for Israel on college campuses.

Over the course of the program in Israel, you will:

Learn how to create strategic impact plans; effectively use social media tools; communicate effectively, build relationships and increase your confidence

Visit Israeli humanitarian organizations, hi-tech companies, the Knesset and Supreme Court

Tour strategic points throughout Israel, such as the Syrian border, the Gaza border, and key Jerusalem landmarks

 You will also get to meet with key Israeli leaders and thinkers. Past speakers on the trip have included (amongst many others):

  • Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel

  • Shimon Peres, President of Israel

  • Natan Sharansky, Head of the Jewish Agency and Former Knesset Member


nachshon project

Looking to study abroad? TUITION-FREE? 

Every Nachshon Project Fellow will receive the following:

1. A full tuition scholarship for the Semester at The Hebrew University, including all supplementary program costs such as Shabbatonim, special events, etc. (Fellows are responsible for their own Ulpan and registration fees, airfare, room and board. Any additional fees that may be charged by their respective home universities are not covered.) Needs-based scholarships are available to cover these expenses for those who qualify.

2. A number of graduate school scholarships will be available to Nachshon Project Fellows who demonstrate excellence in areas of academics, objective programmatic thinking, and an openness to working in a community environment that is unhindered by denominational boundaries. A full set of criteria and the application process will be presented to the Fellows during the Phase 4 weekend.

3. Throughout the two year duration of The Nachshon Project, and subsequently as alumni, Fellows will have continued access to professional mentors who will provide guidance from the outset. They will be available to answer questions, provide meaningful help in personal leadership development, assistance with career paths, guidance in pursuing advanced degrees and effective ways to impart learning and ideas to others. Because this is the secret of great leadership.


arava institute

Are you looking to study cross-border environmental issues while expanding your understanding of regional dynamics in the Middle East? At the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, students from Israel, Palestine, Jordan, the United States, and around the world live on a desert Kibbutz in southern Israel and work together to develop the skills and relationships that will allow them to become the next generation of environmental leaders. Courses are offered in areas such as Water Resource Management, Alternative Energy Science, Environmental Policy, and Conflict and Cooperation – and all courses are offered for academic credit through Ben Gurion University of the Negev, one of Israel’s top universities. For more information, visit their website or email studyabroad@arava.org.